Are you a sound sleeper, or do you sometimes suffer from sleeplessness, perhaps a sore back? A stiff neck? Maybe you have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. Your bed and bedroom accessories play a major role in how you sleep. An uncomfortable bed will cause you to have a poor nights sleep and since you will spend approximately 100 days there this year, it is not a piece of furniture to be taken lightly.

Most people function best on an average of eight hours sleep a night. But if you toss and turn all night you are not getting quality sleep. To enjoy a good nights rest, it is important that you optimize your deep sleep phase and your dream sleep phase so you restore your body for tomorrow’s activities. Good back support is another factor for healthy sleep. Your vertebrae work hard to support your weight in daily activities, and they need to relax and regain their elasticity at night.

A growing number of people are sensitive to the abundance of chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items. Our products are designed for those who wish to live in a simpler environment, while enjoying a top quality, handmade product. We use only the finest materials found in nature; 100% organically grown and manufactured cotton and wool, 100% natural rubber and untreated woods. If you want to get rid of gel mattress, then our organic mattress is the best choice.

Thorough and meticulous European research has proven that 100% natural materials provide the best sleeping environment. Their elasticity and breath-ability, as well as their ability to regulate moisture and heat, mean you get eight hours of good, restful sleep. Our bedding provides the ideal sleeping experience and perfect back support in a natural, non-toxic environment.

Natural Rubber

Our mattresses and foundations are made from natural rubber; the most durable and elastic material available. A natural rubber foam core is ideal for mattresses; flexible yet stable, it is absorbent, resilient and provides excellent heat and moisture regulation and air circulation.

Natural rubber is a renewable resource. It is the milk or sap tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis, the commom rubber tree, which is grown on Malaysian plantations especially selected for their high quality product. Our supplier is located in the area that produces the finest quality rubber for mattress use; an extremely durable, elastic material characterized by its ability to retain its shape and original firmness. Because the product is manufactured where the sap is harvested we are helping to sustain the local economy and provide jobs without depleting the natural resources of the country of origin.

An important element of the manufacturing method is the processing of the Hevea milk close to the plantation because rubber destabilizes when it is kept too long. This can be avoided by the addition of chemicals, but since we want our product as pure as possible, this is not done. The milk is harvested in the morning and by afternoon it is being molded into sheets that are shipped to Canada where they are expertly covered.

The Dunlop system is used to produce the purest latex-foam for the mattresses. This process involves only air, natural soap and vulcanization agents, which are used to ensure the foam keeps its form.

Natural rubber has other attributes important in mattress manufacture; the Heave sap contains an antibacterial substance which is a natural dust mite repellent, and, at the end of the mattress life cycle, the rubber breaks down because it is a natural biodegradable substance.