Apart from our organic pillows, you will benefit from a great night’s sleep on one of our mattresses; it will give you outstanding comfort and exceptional support – and the natural fibres we use help to repel dust mites and prevent allergies.

The essential material in our mattress is it’s pure, natural, rubber core. It is the most resilient and elastic substance found in nature with a density that provides ultimate support and comfort. It ensures heat and moisture regulation throughout the night.

Our manufacturer has traveled the world to find the purest materials with which to manufacture our mattresses and bedding: organically grown cotton form Peru woven expertly in Germany and Switzerland; wool from France shorn from a small flock of organically raised sheep; silk and rubber from a plantation in Malaysia where they harvest the rubber in the morning and mold it in the afternoon.

Our bed frames are made from selected woods, such as spruce, poplar, and maple that have not been treated with harmful substances, only with natural wax or oil. The slats are extremely flexible and provide perfect support and unmatched comfort. No synthetic glues, dyes or finishing sprays are used at any stage of production.

All our mattresses and foundations are manufactured individually. Each hand-made item follows a tradition of fine craftsmanship and is guaranteed to contain no chemical or synthetic elements.

Organic Innerspring Mattresses

The electromagnetic fields in our steel coils are neutralized so you can rest easy. The top quilting avoids tufting holes that can attract dust mites so your mattress stays allergy free.

Organic Cotton Firm Mattress

This pure organic cotton and wool mattress provides firm support.

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Natural Rubber Mattresses

The natural rubber central core is inherently anti-microbial (mildew, mold and bacteria simply cannot live in natural rubber) and resistant to dust mites. The unique resilience of natural rubber makes it an ideal choice for achieving superior comfort and rest for two people of differing weights. The soft, organic cotton cover is quilted with layers of pure, organic wool. Rubber plantations help combat the greenhouse effect, offering an excellent environmental choice. Natural rubber is totally biodegradable.

Natural Rubber Medium Firm Mattress

This mattress is a softer version of the Firm. Nevertheless, it provides contour comfort without creating pressure points. It is ideal for sleeping partners of differing weights. No movement is transmitted from a restless sleeper.

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