Choosing the right duvet is very important, however, the many options available nowadays make it somewhat difficult. The main aim of duvets is to maintain the body’s temperature independent of external temperature. The best duvet inserts are one of the many secrets to getting a perfect night’s sleep.

Here are few things you should consider before buying a duvet insert:

1. Duvet Size

Duvets sizes are correspondent in size to standard bedding sizes. First, measure the width of your bedding and add the measurement to how far down you want the duvet to fall. Keep in mind that once you are under the covers the duvet will not fall as far down the side of the bed. This is important to make sure that you are not uncovered so that you can keep warm. You can easily find the dimensions of duvets on the packaging or simply, you can ask an employee to measure the duvet to make sure you are selecting the right size for your bed.

2. Construction of Duvet

Cotton is the most common external material used in most duvets because it is both comfortable and economical. The choice of casing for a standard duvet should be either the twill weave, tick, silk, cotton-silk blend or batiste satin weave. The thread count for duvets is quite often high as the filling may tend to leak out something else. The importance of the construction of duvets ought to be the seams as they have to prevent the filling from moving and becoming uneven.

fluffy purple duvet insert

A duvet cover is a great investment as it makes maintenance much easier. It protects against spills, wear and tear. If you are looking for a change of colors around the room, it is economical to replace a duvet cover other than a duvet itself.

3. Fill

You also need to consider the fill that is in the duvet. There are three main types of fill. The first is down and it is made up of the feathers of birds. Generally, the down of ducks or geese is used. They trap air and help to insulate the user so as to keep your body warm.

4. Tog Rating

Another thing to focus on is the tog rating of a comforter. Tog rating may differ based on the weather and your comforter as well. The standard tog rating for a comforter the can keep you cool in summer is 4.5. Comforters with 9.0 and 10.5 tog rating work well for autumn, spring, and sometimes even for all year use. Duvets with a 13.5 tog rating are ideal for cold winters. The amazing thing is you have the option of combining two duvets together during winters. For instance, you can combine the duvets with the 4.5 rating and the one with the 9.0 rating.

For those who are environmental conscious, it is best for you to consider buying natural duvet. This is because they have had a lesser impact during the construction and will also be biodegradable when no longer needed.