4 Pillow Types You Might Have Never Heard Of

sobakawa cloud pillow

Sleep is an essential part of our life. A normal human being spends, on average, 1/3rd of his life in sleeping. While not everyone knows the importance of sleeping environment, it is essential to be knowledgeable about the impact of quality of sleep in your daily life.

Imagine for a while. What happens when you wake up with a heavy head, back pain or a neck pain? You definitely can’t concentrate on anything during the whole day. Therefore, it’s important to use right mattress and pillow in order to get a good night’s sleep. You might have been using traditional sleeping pillows until now. So here are some of the pillows we think you might be interested in knowing about:

1. Husband Pillow

husband pillowHave you ever heard of a husband pillow? Probably not. May be you know this pillow by another name like a reading pillow, bed rest pillow, backrest pillow or a pillow with arms. Well, no matter what you call it, it’s a pillow to support your back and arms while you are reading in bed, watching TV in your lounge or sitting on a sofa without a back support. It has been named as husband pillow since most of the consumers of this pillow are husbands who love¬†watching TV or reading books in bed. This is a popular gift item as well that mostly women buy for their husbands on various occasions.

2. Wedge Pillow

wedge pillowMore than 80 million people in this world suffer some kind of sleep disorders and most of the times, doctors recommend a wedge pillow. As the name suggests, it looks like a wedge, slightly inclined to elevate your head and shoulders. Wedge pillow is a simple yet cost-effective solution to snoring and acid reflux problems.Sometimes, pregnant women use a wedge pillow in order to get a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy.


3. Sobakawa Pillow

sobakawa cloud pillowDoes the name sound too hard to pronounce? This is based on traditional Asian buckwheat pillows mostly used in Japan. But now the use of these pillows has spread across the world. This is a therapeutic pillow that helps cure back pain and neck pain. A sobakawa cloud pillow is stuffed with more than 10,000 air beads that help you position your head in a comfortable way. Also, these beads offer a cooling effect that is helpful if you get hot flashes at night. The pillow is designed in such a way so it supports your neck and shoulder in a comfortable manner helping you get rid of back and neck pain. The Sobakawa pillow is built to last for years unlike traditional pillows that go flat in few nights.

4. Donut Pillow

donut pillow

As the name suggests, a donut pillow is shaped like a donut with a hole in the middle. This pillow is specially for people who have problem with sitting. For example, people with broken tailbone or people suffering from hemorrhoids. More importantly, this pillow is equally useful for people who work at offices and can’t avoid sitting for long hours. Sitting for long time exerts pressure on your spine and coccyx and a donut pillow comes to your rescue to keep you in the comfort zone.

How We Guarantee the Quality of Our Bedding

Organic Cotton

We use one of the finest materials available. Here is the detail on what we use and how we obtain and process:

Organic Wool

All our wool filling and batting is 100 percent organic. The pure wool we use in the quilting process is shorn from sheep that have grazed only in pastures free from pesticides and herbicides. The wool is washed without detergents, chemicals, chlorine or bleach, just hot water and soap. It is processed without the use of oils or bonding agents, so it just doesn’t get any purer!

Organic Wool

Our wool comes from a 150 year old farm in Charente, a region of western France. The business is recognized throughout Europe and Asia for its expertise and the conditions used to produce the finest quality wool.

The sheep are bred carefully and live a stress free life. In winter, they live in a well ventilated, climate controlled barn with clean floors, fresh, dry bedding, a non-rationed food supply and a daily check of each animal. During the summer months the sheep graze on land that has not been used for agriculture for 20 years, so it is protected from any chemicals, including pesticides and fertilizers.

With the craftsmanship born of centuries of experience, the company processes the raw fleece into a high quality end product through careful sorting, washing and drying. This is a 100 percent organic process that does not involve the use of any chemicals or bleach. The wool fiber produced retains 4 to 6% lanolin oil; a completely natural dust mite repellent.

Our products are carefully monitored. No plastic, baling twine, mothballs or strong chemicals to remove impurities are used. We use only vegetable based soaps and other agents for washing, lubrication and static control.

All the wool used in the manufacture of the batting is certified to OKO-TEX 100 through a leading German organic certification organization.

Organic Cotton

All our products are made from pure, organically grown and harvested cotton.

Organic Cotton

Cotton grown in industrialized countries is saturated with pesticides and herbicides and absorbs all the chemicals that modern fertilizers deposit in the soil. Machine picked, it is full of impurities, oil, leaves and dirt.

The cotton we use is cultivated and hand picked in the traditional co-operative manner that has been followed for centuries in the Ca ete and Chincha valleys high in the Peruvian Andes. It is grown organically without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or defoliants to fertilize the crop, control plant growth or fight pests. No synthetic chemicals are used to strip the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. Hand picking ensures that it is the cleanest, purest, most resilient cotton fibre available.

Europe’s oldest and most prestigious certification agency, KRAV of Sweden, has certified our organic cotton. Their stamp of approval is not only a guarantee of organic standards, but also that social rights are observed in the production of our cotton.

All the cotton used in our batting, filling and fabrics is this clean, pure, organic product. It is woven to very high standards into the finest, softest fabrics, in Germany and Switzerland.

Untreated Wood

Our box springs and foundations are constructed from non-treated, natural wood.

The foundations are hand constructed in Canada. They are made exclusively from untreated, seasoned, kiln dried spruce grown by the Jardinage method in the province of Quebec, Canada and harvested by the “Sustainable Harvesting Method”.

Our bed frames are made from selected woods, such as spruce, poplar and ash that have not been treated with harmful substances, only with natural wax or oil. The slats are extremely flexible and provide perfect support and unmatched comfort. No synthetic glues, dyes or finishing sprays are used at any stage of production. The base and top structure are assembled from wood slats and beams, each piece individually crafted by a skilled cabinetmaker following traditional European design.

Understanding the Basics of Natural Bedding

natural bedding

Are you a sound sleeper, or do you sometimes suffer from sleeplessness, perhaps a sore back? A stiff neck? Maybe you have allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. Your bed and bedroom accessories play a major role in how you sleep. An uncomfortable bed will cause you to have a poor nights sleep and since you will spend approximately 100 days there this year, it is not a piece of furniture to be taken lightly.

Most people function best on an average of eight hours sleep a night. But if you toss and turn all night you are not getting quality sleep. To enjoy a good nights rest, it is important that you optimize your deep sleep phase and your dream sleep phase so you restore your body for tomorrow’s activities. Good back support is another factor for healthy sleep. Your vertebrae work hard to support your weight in daily activities, and they need to relax and regain their elasticity at night.

A growing number of people are sensitive to the abundance of chemicals used in the manufacture of everyday items. Our products are designed for those who wish to live in a simpler environment, while enjoying a top quality, handmade product. We use only the finest materials found in nature; 100% organically grown and manufactured cotton and wool, 100% natural rubber and untreated woods. If you want to get rid of gel mattress, then our organic mattress is the best choice.

Thorough and meticulous European research has proven that 100% natural materials provide the best sleeping environment. Their elasticity and breath-ability, as well as their ability to regulate moisture and heat, mean you get eight hours of good, restful sleep. Our bedding provides the ideal sleeping experience and perfect back support in a natural, non-toxic environment.

Natural Rubber

Our mattresses and foundations are made from natural rubber; the most durable and elastic material available. A natural rubber foam core is ideal for mattresses; flexible yet stable, it is absorbent, resilient and provides excellent heat and moisture regulation and air circulation.

Natural rubber is a renewable resource. It is the milk or sap tapped from the Hevea Brasiliensis, the commom rubber tree, which is grown on Malaysian plantations especially selected for their high quality product. Our supplier is located in the area that produces the finest quality rubber for mattress use; an extremely durable, elastic material characterized by its ability to retain its shape and original firmness. Because the product is manufactured where the sap is harvested we are helping to sustain the local economy and provide jobs without depleting the natural resources of the country of origin.

An important element of the manufacturing method is the processing of the Hevea milk close to the plantation because rubber destabilizes when it is kept too long. This can be avoided by the addition of chemicals, but since we want our product as pure as possible, this is not done. The milk is harvested in the morning and by afternoon it is being molded into sheets that are shipped to Canada where they are expertly covered.

The Dunlop system is used to produce the purest latex-foam for the mattresses. This process involves only air, natural soap and vulcanization agents, which are used to ensure the foam keeps its form.

Natural rubber has other attributes important in mattress manufacture; the Heave sap contains an antibacterial substance which is a natural dust mite repellent, and, at the end of the mattress life cycle, the rubber breaks down because it is a natural biodegradable substance.